Unboxing Spot The $75,000 Robot Dog

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Meet Spot by Boston Dynamics.
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Vitenskap og teknologi
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy - 6 dager siden
grab a snack and enjoy
C B - Time siden
Its cool and all but the dramatic reactions and theatrics were just noticeably over the top
CV Penaso
CV Penaso - 6 timer siden
Can i have Your Realme 6 pro? From philippines
UNDISPUTED UH7 - 6 timer siden
This makes you realise that the amount of knowledge and years of developing and effort went in to making this robot compared to how the human brain functions so seamlessly and easily it just makes you appreciate yourself
werthy is my name
werthy is my name - 6 timer siden
This is awesome and terrifying at the same time. That’s how I’m feeling right now.
Fursty Photo
Fursty Photo - 14 timer siden
Empiirean - 56 minutter siden
There's so many memes that can be made from this
Chris Gregurich
Chris Gregurich - 56 minutter siden
Brick nermon anyone?
Αλέξανδρος Ρουμελιώτης
15:35 self distraction enabled 😂😂😂
Kai Lin
Kai Lin - Time siden
It's gonna scare the shit out of me seeing this in the middle of night.
Jadeeen - Time siden
Imagine this with a humanoid robot. Like, what if they made a robot with game controller support and they gave it to professional gamers to use in actual wars or something.
Warren Buffet
Warren Buffet - Time siden
Hello friends. I need your help, as you are tech conscious as I am. I’m willing to buy a new phone and I’d like to know which is better. Mi9t or mi note 10 lite? I’m concerned about design, display,performance, battery and camera. Any response of yours will be greatly appreciated. Have a nice day!
Johnny D. Ruizo
Johnny D. Ruizo - Time siden
What next cool robot 🤔🤔🤔 you buy?
Sebastián Aburto
Sebastián Aburto - Time siden
Less Spot... Much a old guy impact about everything.... what is this? He is soo important ?
mctigger1 - Time siden
I have been watching a show on Animal Planet where they follow Fish h Game officers from New Hampshire and this would be awesome for Search & Rescue in Mountainous terrain. Maybe not in this configuration but down the road and maybe something bigger.
matt - Time siden
Police new tool for riot control
Trae L.
Trae L. - Time siden
Black Mirror Black Mirror BLACK MIRROR
DJ Ayam Studio 69
DJ Ayam Studio 69 - Time siden
Its More Like Grasshopper 🤔
lalaf dana
lalaf dana - Time siden
Its like real steel wow
lalaf dana
lalaf dana - Time siden
I bought one to i bought it in my school all my classmates 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲 wow nice
Rishi - Time siden
Why for some reason the whole video looked to me like really well done CGI
Seth Curry
Seth Curry - Time siden
I can see this being used in search and rescue for all fire departments easily.
jagoar - Time siden
ive been waiting for this moment for a long long time
Kotazzztheseal - Time siden
Who’s a good...robot?
Ashish Bangera
Ashish Bangera - 2 timer siden
MK4 Production
MK4 Production - 2 timer siden
Bruh this guy is a whole documentary
Rythmatic BlueZ
Rythmatic BlueZ - 2 timer siden
getting some Div 2 black tusk sniper dog vibes here
Nikith Kumar
Nikith Kumar - 2 timer siden
Unbox therapy got too dramatic, we need a downgrade.
Azure - 2 timer siden
it’s like the dog from that one game ReCore!!!!
Manoj Kumar
Manoj Kumar - 2 timer siden
Boston Dynamics can collaborate with Apple for Apple Wheels so that Boston Dynamics can put the Wheels in the Spot even Lew can also put Apple Wheels in it.
HI-TECH MAN - 2 timer siden
Editor: How dramatic should the video be?
Unbox Therapy: Yes!
scotty thompson
scotty thompson - 2 timer siden
Cool video talk tech lew
The Adversary
The Adversary - 2 timer siden
Ancestor to the jackal
dr.bigtits - 2 timer siden
DJ PLUS - 2 timer siden
Why’re you so scared a
Honda Civic
Honda Civic - 2 timer siden
Hes a good boi
Samuel Tagali
Samuel Tagali - 2 timer siden
scary. freakin scary. the kid says it all, what if it's unfriendly.
Gaoxing Cosgrove
Gaoxing Cosgrove - 3 timer siden
Donate it to Micheal reeves
Sublimed Senpai
Sublimed Senpai - 3 timer siden
Degenerate.Z - 3 timer siden
But can it RUN?
Human.oid - 3 timer siden
The real dog is getting a heart attack 😅
Danny Kim
Danny Kim - 3 timer siden
interesting how some dogs actually cost the same as a sophisticated machine learning robot dog. one word to describe this, BRUH
Instrumedley - 3 timer siden
Should put an animal mask on it lol
alone ranger
alone ranger - 3 timer siden
fast animal robot
SmallBoiHater Stage1
SmallBoiHater Stage1 - 3 timer siden
Why is he acting like that
Admin _
Admin _ - 3 timer siden
Send it to brick
benwei lu
benwei lu - 3 timer siden
wheelchair trash
wheelchair trash - 3 timer siden
Why is this video so scary, this video feels like if it was unboxing a serial killer
Seth Nsobundu
Seth Nsobundu - 3 timer siden
If this thing takes over the World, man its all on you!!! 😂
Husain53 Dalal
Husain53 Dalal - 3 timer siden
Can it swim
booty warrior
booty warrior - 3 timer siden
Why is this the most underrated comment of all time
Anonymous - 3 timer siden
Love how you can see this guy go from Afraid but at the end he loves the thing
Anonymous - 3 timer siden
The future is coming and none of us can stop it
EvEkS DR3AM - 3 timer siden
Lmao what you think there Making AI For MILITARY USE. Man Against Machine
杨威 - 4 timer siden
Vipul Dayma
Vipul Dayma - 4 timer siden
M m:: m:m
Jamie /
Jamie / - 4 timer siden
Tony Murrietta
Tony Murrietta - 4 timer siden
Don’t know why anyone would want to run android
Dan - 4 timer siden
Wish we could’ve seen it crawl & hop
Sam Shinn
Sam Shinn - 4 timer siden
This is beautiful.
I53 - 4 timer siden
How did I get 2160p on iPhone XR bruuh
redneckboi 123
redneckboi 123 - 5 timer siden
"It's here, it's happening, this is a movie now."
Taygod - 5 timer siden
Give it to brick
Sora - 5 timer siden
Horizon Zero Dawn vibes
Bo Peep
Bo Peep - 5 timer siden
How did this moron get access to spot but not actual robotics and engineer youtubers?!
Durtydeedzz - 5 timer siden
Honestly, the robot is cool and all. But this was grotesquely overhyped. Acting like you opened the ark of the covenant...while 2 “real” dogs made me want to test the waterproof seal on my headphones, destroying anything cool left about this unboxing.
Samurai Biscuit
Samurai Biscuit - 5 timer siden
This feels like death stranding
NateCWeber - 5 timer siden
Give it to brick nermon
Icy Hyoudou
Icy Hyoudou - 5 timer siden
Its all fun and games until spot runs without the controller. Skynet is coming... its not a matter of if, its a matter of when and humanity is doomed.
brevo - 5 timer siden
imagine hearing the 11 year old chainsaw-like motor down the street at night
witha beefy robot running at a high speed towards you...
The Professional
The Professional - 5 timer siden
Armed Security robots of the future
GHOST OF GENERAL ZAD - 5 timer siden
Mount an M134 Gatling minigun on it & you’ll have a terrorist hunter. The dogs felt the presence.
kouji 2020
kouji 2020 - 5 timer siden
BeansOnTheCam - 5 timer siden
Why is he so over-dramatic??
Rxshia - 6 timer siden
Walk it into stores
Yuki 64
Yuki 64 - 6 timer siden
I can see that kind of technology saving many lives...
L C - 6 timer siden
The T-800 is on the way
The Legacy Show
The Legacy Show - 6 timer siden
I love how, just like in terminator, the dogs go buckwild at a machine
ronaldjohn dela
ronaldjohn dela - 6 timer siden
It shows the future life
shisuisofficial _
shisuisofficial _ - 6 timer siden
1:42 "it's a movie" sorry to break it to you but 2020 has been a movie since January
Dennis S
Dennis S - 6 timer siden
Looks like cgi.
Thats how insane this is.
A real thing looks fake!
Sanic - 6 timer siden
Imagine hearing it say “Freindly mode deactivated”.
gp fuiava
gp fuiava - 6 timer siden
Elon was right...
Christopher Ly
Christopher Ly - 6 timer siden
bro just get a real dog if it’s 75k sheesh
Secret Guy
Secret Guy - 6 timer siden
Sex doll 3000
Secret Guy
Secret Guy - 6 timer siden
Creapy very creapy
Dash Speed
Dash Speed - 6 timer siden
Ok but why is it kinda cute